About Us

Welcome to our family of 5 (well 45 if you include one dog, 37 chickens and the incoming pigs!!) We live in a 18 acre woodland, in the heart of North East Wales, nestled under the hills of the Clwydian range.

In 2018 we bought this woodland, bordered by an old disused railway and old sand quarry. Silent and forgotten, untamed and unloved, we saw a space of diverse trees, native woodland flowers and a flurry of woodland animals that could become something unique.

We (Seb, Hannah and our 3 little adventurers) are passionate about people, the great outdoors and creating a sustainable future; living, exploring and having adventures along the way. We are on a journey, learning about nature, trying out new skills and discovering all the fun and activities the great outdoors has to offer.

This place is special; a slice of British woodlands in all its glory. A place to be still, a place to run, and a place to create memories. There is too much here to keep to ourselves, too many first times to be had, too many campfire stories to tell; so we’ve opened our home for the world to share.

Whether you’re a snuggled up in your tent (on the ground or in the trees!), nestled down by the campfire, listening to the birds, headed out to the hills or towns, or discovering all that is Cymraeg, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience here with us.

So grab your sleeping bag, pack the marshmallows and book in for a woodland camping experience you’ll never forget.

We can’t wait to meet you/Edrych mlaen I weld chi!

Seb and Hannah

Using Tree Tents and camping pitches will allow us to diversify and share our woodland, whilst maintaining our mission to ensure we sustainably manage and enrich the woodland environment. Book a tree top or camping experience today