Eco camping and tree top experiences in the ancient woodland of North Wales.

Welcome to Tree Tops and Train Tracks

Encapsulating all aspects of the woodland experience, while sustainably investing in and promoting the woodland environment and wildlife within, we have a small eco campsite within our 18 acres of woodland. 

Comprising of 3 ready Tree Tents and 6 standard campsites, the site runs off the grid using sustainable technology and ecological techniques for all facilities. 

Our Tents

Our aim is to offer an eco, treetop camping experience using Tentsile Tent technology.' .


Check out all the amazing things we do with our own freshly cut Welsh timber


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We are very excited to announce that we were the winners of “The New Tourism Business of the Year Award” 2023, which was hosted by Go North Wales Tourism Board. We are very humbled by this recognition and want to thank all those who have made this possible. This award reflects our passion to be a leading, unique tourism business and we will continue to develop experiences to build upon this.

Tentsile Tent Technology

Here at Tree Tops and Train Tracks, we offer an eco, treetop camping experience using ‘Tentsile’ tent technology. This is a new, unique and completely innovative experience for the area, with only 4 other similar sites across the whole of the UK.

The tree tents will offer an opportunity to camp in the tree canopy and observe nature from a different angle. The tents are all strapped to the trees and therefore do not cause any damage to the trees and also reduce the impact on the ground below.

In order to comply with countryside planning policy, we operate as a Greener Camping club members-only campsite. The Club was established by people with a passion for sustainable, eco-friendly camping holidays. When you book your holiday with us, you will be enrolled as a member of the Club. Membership costs just £12 for the calendar year and gives you access to some of the greenest campsites in the UK. It also includes participation in the Club’s ‘Trees for Life’ scheme, whereby a tree is planted for every member we enrol.






Using Tree Tents and camping pitches will allow us to diversify and share our woodland, whilst maintaining our mission to ensure we sustainably manage and enrich the woodland environment. Book a tree top or camping experience today